17FIT CLUB | 一起健身

Use Movement Track Of “Dot” To Deduce The Energetic Life.

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Services: Brand Planning, Brand Identity
Client:Health Park Fitness Club Brand
Date: 2017

Part 1.
Brand Naming


17FIT is a "fitness club at your door" for fitness fans. At the initial stage of naming, we explored the positioning of "community gym" based on the brand, thinking from three dimensions of "emphasizing differentiation", "strong sociability" and "high Communicability",we will take "together(yi qi)(get fit)" as the core of the brand spirit; At the same time through the number "17" (it’s homophonic with Chinese “together” ) to improve the brand memory and goodwill.

Part 2.
Brand Identity


If everyone who pursues fitness and good posture is a separate dot, the concept of "get fit together(17FIT)" creates a sport space where bring dots converge and mix together. The new brand that uses "dot" as the design element, also uses movement track of "dot" to deduce fitness and life, independence and connection.
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